Mariah Farms offers a variety of kid-friendly activities for ages 3 and up. We have two very friendly miniature horses that are perfect for the younger ones, and child-friendly school horses for the older kids.

We offer lessons, Summer Camps, Birthday parties and schooling shows with classes for beginners, including lead-line and costume contests.


Lisa Lamke, owner of Mariah Farms, teaches lessons for the younger set on her mini horses. She taught both of her young daughters to ride, and applies the same patience, understanding and sense of fun to all of her students.

TJ Sommerfield manages Mariah's lesson program for students 5 and older. Read more about TJ and her program here.


Mariah Farms offers day camps throughout the year: Summer, Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break for kids ages 6 - 11 years old. Activities include basic horsemanship,  knowledge and care of horses, lots of horse related games.  Mariah Farms will provide snacks - You bring your lunch.


Come celebrate your child's birthday at Mariah Farms.  We offer a room for you to decorate for the birthday child.  We have mini horses for the smaller kids and well behaved school horses for the bigger ones. You provide the cake and candles - We provide the horses and carrots!